At Nthside we pride ourselves on having Expert coaches around to help you learn, improve and achieve all your fitness and general health goals


Tommi Gargiulo

Owner/Head Coach

Tom has a passion for functional movement, injury prevention and strength development. He spent many years as an athlete, competing as a successful rower before moving into the field of health and fitness.

Tom has experience training a variety of clients in Crossfit, Personal Training or Group Fitness settings. Whether you're a 90+ year old or a teenager, he understands the benefits of living an active, well-balanced life and how these benefits transfer into other areas of your life.

“Countless people these days are inactive and out of shape from years of neglect. Adding an unrealistic training regime on top of that only sets you up quicker for an injury. Our goal is to see you mobile, strong, pain free and healthy for many years to come! So we only up the intensity when your body is ready for it. This means that training with us is an ongoing process. At NthSide Fitness we are not about fake promises or short term fitness, and we want your life to be one of long-term health and fitness”.


Bachelor of Exercise Science & Human Movement

Diploma of Sport Development

Certificate 2 in Diabetes Management

EXOS/Athletes Performance - Level 1

Australian Strength & Conditioning Association - Level 1

Australian Weightlifting Federation - Level 1

CrossFit - Level 1

CrossFit Strongman

CrossFit Kids

Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting - Level 1

Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting - Level 2

ESS High Performance Mentorship Program (1yr duration)

The Outlaw Way Parabellum Series Seminar

Unlocking The Squat - Stop Chasing Pain - Dr Perry Nickelston

McGill Method Level 3


Joshua Varrasso

Owner/Managing Director

Josh discovered the movement of CrossFit in 2012 and in 2015 changed career paths to follow his passion full-time. Josh finished working as an electrician and began the journey of opening his own fitness centre with the support of his friends and family. Josh has trained, coached and competed in CrossFit.

Although CrossFit is Josh's personal choice of fitness, he understands its limitations and that it doesn't suit everybody. He therefore wanted to create an environment where there are options for everyone in the community to come and participate.

Josh is generally a quiet person, but when passionate about something, such as CrossFit and fitness, it is impossible to shut him up. He isn't about who can lift more or who can do more reps, for Josh, it is about everyone pushing themselves to reach their full potential. The joy he gets from people achieving their goals is constantly shown through the cheeky grin on his face.


Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting - Level 1

Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting - Level 2

The Outlaw Way Parabellum Series Seminar

Personal Training Cert 3 & 4

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Senior First Aid