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What charity would you like to nominate?


Why have you chosen this charity?

I have chosen HeartKids because I was unfortunately born with a congenital heart defect that continues to affect me in adult life. HeartKids is a charity that is devoted to helping children, teens and adults living with conditions similar, or far worse than mine. 

Why is CrossFit your preferred method of training? 

I prefer CrossFit over every other training method that I have tried because it continues to push me, no matter how many times I attend there is always something I want to get better at! After every session, I feel as though I have pushed myself and I feel myself getting stronger by the week. 

Tell us what you enjoy most about training at NthSide?

What I enjoy the most about NthSide is the people. There is always someone around encouraging me and I never feel as though I am being judged for what can and can’t do.