Tony & Odette


What charity would you like to nominate?

Beyond Blue


Why have you chosen this charity?

We have lost someone close to us who suffered from depression.

Why is CrossFit your preferred method of training? 

Tony: I enjoy the weight-lifting aspect – getting a couple more kg’s added to a PB and surprising yourself with poor maths when it comes to adding up weights. I love to loathe the aerobic stuff (rowing, running, burpees). I know they’re doing me good but still….blech! I feel great after a full workout, whatever the program.

Tell us what you enjoy most about training at NthSide?

That the guys/(+Sarah) that run the place, work out and bust a gut in the gym too, sometimes beside you in class (when they get the chance). That it’s small and personal, has good equipment, not too many leaves and plenty of advice on form and technique and heaps of encouragement when you need it. Barbell on a Sunday morning. All-inclusive fee structures.