What charity would you like to nominate?

UN Women – ‘the United Nations entity responsible for promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality’.

UN Women

Why have you chosen this charity?

Because everyone has a right to equality, security and freedom. Our contribution can help to make this a reality for those unfortunate enough not to have these rights at present.

Why is CrossFit your preferred method of training? 

It’s never boring. There are always new challenges and skills to learn and it’s very rewarding each time you achieve a goal. I have gained a lot of confidence, strength and fitness from doing CrossFit. Also, my cake-eating habit would be unsustainable if it weren’t for CrossFit!

Tell us what you enjoy most about training at NthSide?

The community… It’s practically my extended family. NthSide has a fun, welcoming and relaxed environment; it’s great for making new friends and learning new skills.