What charity would you like to nominate?

PeteR Mac Cancer Foundation

Why have you chosen this charity?

Last Year my Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. He spent a lot of his

treatment in hospital due to Chemotherapy reactions and several attacks to

his immune system. Thankfully he is ok now. I am pleased to be able to assist

and support this organisation and hope to help people with Cancer.

Why is CrossFit your preferred method of training? 

I First tried CrossFit nearer to my Work. They were running a

promo/bootcamp which I felt I needed to give me the drive and added

motivation to train. I soon realised after the promo ended that CrossFit isn’t

something you walk in and out of every once in a while. You consistently

push, test and compete against yourself. Every workout is a challenge.

Tell us what you enjoy most about training at NthSide?

It’s close to my house. The variety of the environment. Gymnasiums and routine are boring.

Biggest Achievement or something people may not know about you?

My Wife and I decided to pack our bags and move from London to

Melbourne nearly 3 Years ago. Neither of us had been to Australia before so

it was a huge decision for us to make. After living here for nearly 3 Years we

both believe it was the absolute best decision and will be applying for

permanent residency later this year.

Favourite and least favourite movement?

Favourite: Split Jerk

Least Favourite: Snatch

Favourite song to workout to?

Old: Limp Bizkit - Rollin’.

Current: Meduza - Piece of your heart.