What charity would you like to nominate?


Why have you chosen this charity?

Streat are a local initiative driven by great community and environmental values, doing great things! Streat have an innovative and sustainable approach to developing a model that supports Melbourne’s disadvantaged youth. It is built around creating a safe and stable environment, where young people feel cared for whilst training in new skills.

NthSide’s support will go towards helping young people get their lives back on track; and thrive with a healthy self, home and job. They have a great space/ café not far from the gym in Collingwood. 

Why is crossfit your preferred method of training? 

I am totally addicted to the variety, community and intensity of CrossFit training. I feel stronger and fitter than ever. I have gained a confidence in my body to take on challenges I didn’t think possible. I love the feeling of accomplishment when you train hard and push yourself; I have learnt so much about what makes me tick.  

Tell us what you enjoy most about training at NthSide?

It’s fun! You show up, and put in the hard work alongside great people. Its motivating, and you walk away feeling healthy and strong. The coaches are knowledgeable, super helpful and approachable making it a great environment try new skills and achieve your goals.