What charity would you like to nominate?

Ric O’Barrys Dolphin project

Why have you chosen this charity?

Off the coast of Japan, Dolphins are driven to a horrible fate. The most attractive are taken into a life of captivity and the rest are brutally killed. Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin project is trying to stop this.

I choose this charity, to raise awareness that this horrific practise is still happening, and to show how our awareness and actions can help stop it. 

You can also help by pledging to never by a ticket to see any dolphin or orca in captivity. 

Check out this link.

Why is CrossFit your preferred method of training? 

Because its fun, and its never boring. I find it really motivating being in a group of awesome people pushing their hardest, makes me push my hardest too. I also like the constantly varied programming and how there’s a never ending list of ways you can improve or movements you can learn. 

Tell us what you enjoy most about training at NthSide?

Haha everything. At the heart of it, I love the people, love training, laughing and chatting with like minded, fun and motivated people.  It’s an awesome community.

I find the programming and WODS fun! And really like the inclusion of the endurance classes and open gym.

I also really like the holistic approach to exercise and care taken to find out peoples goals, injuries, weaknesses etc and work with that. 

Tommi, Josh and Sarah genuinely care and get excited when members achieve their goals, and are enjoying working out at NthSide, and that energy is contagious.